Simmons Event in AZ with Integra Productions

Simmons Event in AZ with Integra Productions

Integra was awarded the Simmons account because our hard work, create ideas and flawless execution on the Serta events. This would be a very interesting event for me. This event was to be created in Keynote, which I have not seen on 20 years. 

I ordered my new MacBook Pro on Wednesday … It showed up on Friday. In just 4 hours I found everything I needed in the software and was ready to Create.

02-simmons14 01-simmons14

The set for this event was composed of 3, 16×9 screens set up next to each other. The outboard screen were smaller creating a stair step effect. We treated them like one wide screen, allowing images to move through any or all of the screens.

I really enjoyed working in Keynote. It is very similar to PowerPoint and very different at the same time. Each has features the other could use.


I have used Keynote several time since.  It has a true video feel to it, so, I reworked my slider video on my home screen. I also have loaded Virtual Box and Windows on my MacBook Pro. Next challenge is getting all of my computers resources under Windows.

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