Patrick Winkler | Senior Director, Global Customer Success / CX at Honeywell

Robert and I worked together on several Corporate Events and his skill set is absolutely best in class. Besides his creative eye, and technical talent, he is ridiculously fast and responsive. He’s an absolute must have when it comes to inspiring Corporate Events that are full of purpose, energy and fun. Please reach out if you’d like additional details. And yes, I have Robert on speed dial.

Matt McGinnis, Director Orthopedic Sales – US | LifeNet Health

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help and support the last few weeks. I genuinely appreciate your willingness to help but also the fact that you care and go above and beyond anytime something is needed. Makes a difference — thank you!!

All the best to you in 2023. Please let me know if I can ever help you.

Mike Zervos, CEO | Courage to Care (Vic) Inc

Natalie Pryles has mentioned how generous you have been with your time and how wonderful your design work is. I just wanted to express our appreciation for your contribution to Courage to Care.

As I am sure you are aware we pride ourselves on offering our programs to schools at no cost so having pro bono support such as yours is vital and very appreciated. Students in the state of Victoria Australia benefit from your skills and kind heart! Thank you for your support.

Denise Torino , PMP | Serta Simmons Bedding

You are amazing! I had no doubt in my mind that you would have this file from 12 years ago!  Thank you!!

Vikki Hardin, Graphic Design Supervisor | Homestar Financial Corporation

Hope you are rested after the long hard-working weekend!  I wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU!  It isn’t enough, but I want you to know how much I appreciate all your work to make our event look SO amazing!  Thanks again for everything!!

Jocelyn Muller, Executive Assistant | LifeNet Health

The designs and templates you created impressed everyone! Thank you so much for all the beautiful work 😊

Nimisha Savani, Founder and CEO | N-Vision Strategies

Hi Robert,  We just got off the pitch, and both Punnie and I think it went extremely well.  We have several follow-up to be scheduled for the new year so more to come on that.  Moreover, we now have a really good start to a capabilities deck that we can continue to build for pitches.  I truly appreciate you jumping in at the last minute, making sure we not only looked professional but also making sure our work shined!  Thank you for all of your hard work on this and other projects we have completed together this fall.  I fell very good about our partnership and look forward to working together on many more projects in the new year.  Warm regards.

Punnie Donohue, Head of Strategic Communications | N-Vision Strategies

Hi Robert,  I also want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us this year.  You always go above and beyond, it is just amazing. Not only is Nimisha extremely pleased (and relieved to have such great reliable help at hand) but the whole team has been wowed!  Have a lovely holiday!  Best, Punnie

Kate Boyer Arnold, Producer | Barkley Kalpak Agency

Thank you Robert!  It is ALWAYS a pleasure having you onsite (and pre-pro) – thank you for making this all go so smoothly and for keeping me sane 🙂

Ashley Gallagher, Field Sales Training Manager, Bone Healing Technologies | Zimmer Biomet

I just wanted send over another quick note to say THANK YOU so much for all your help last week!  It was certainly a great learning experience for me and I am forever grateful to you and your teams for pulling off such an event.  Overall, the feedback around this meeting has been
very positive. I would love to get your feedback on what we can do better.  Please send any positive & constructive feedback my way and I will compile it with everything else we have received to ensure we are getting better each year.

Good luck with all your other events this year!  All the best, Ashley

Paul Graveline, Vice President, Global Spine Sales | Zimmer Biomet

Robert, just wanted to thank you again for all your help and support before, and at the meeting.  I am so, so grateful for all you did for me.  Thank you.  So pleased with the outcome. Gratefully yours, Paul

Timothy Schneider, Publisher | SCHNEIDER PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC.

Thank you, for all of your great work this week on what many attendees I spoke with are calling our best TEAMS Conference yet!  I truly appreciate the long hours and extra things you did — especially those things outside your normal job descriptions. You are the Best!

It takes a great team to make a great TEAMS and you guys are the best!  Relax and get some rest! You’ve earned it!

Bill Lane, Sales Manager | Serta Mattress Company

Just wanted to let you know the presentation went great. Video played perfectly.  Power point worked perfectly. Thank you for all your work with me.

Aziz Khan | Prudential Mortgage Capital Company

Thank you for all your hard work for our National Business Meeting last week.  The presentation was well received by the audience.  David Durning was very pleased with what we put together for him.  We could not have done it without your assistance and patience.  

Personally I learned a lot through the process.  Amazing what can be achieved when we get a lot of creative people together.  My apologies if at any time I might have seemed a little stressed out.

Stephanie Shapiro, MSW, MPH | Director of Development, Prevent Blindness GA

Holy smokes, the annual report looks great! I am humbled by your generosity and impressed with your amazing turn-around times. Thank you so much.

Nicole Rechter | Owner/Event Planner, Integra Productions

Robert you are a superstar in every way! Thank you for another outstanding job!

Lisa Viele | Regional VP Sales – NE Dir. of Training, Zimmer Biomet

Thank you again for everything last week at our 1st Zimmer Biomet Kick-Off Meeting. I appreciate your hard work and patience. I hope to see you very soon.

Jennifer York | CMP, Charles Schwab & Co.

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I heart you. Thanks for animating our still image and all you do.  … seriously, I want you on ALL my shows

Tonia Compton | VP, Global Events, FIS

The event went extremely well. Mike and Robert were fantastic as always. The Exces have been really pleased with how everything went. Thank YOU for all of your work on this, couldn’t have done it without you. Take care and see you on the next show!!

Jackson T. Van Ess | Designer/Owner AZWI

Thanks again Robert.! I appreciate you filling in and KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Glenn Paist ~ Executive Producer, GPA

Robert, All the Davol Executive Team said how much they appreciate all you do for them. I also thank you, my friend, for helping create the Best possible Davol National Sales Meeting.

Colleen O’Donnell | Vice President, Global Marketing | The Hackett Group

I love it! I’m sending to the guys to see if they have anything but I doubt they will have any changes. You are amazing! Thank you soooooo much.

Karla Schmidt | Producer | Barkley Kalpak Agency

I want to extend a BIG BIG thank you for all the speedy pre-work that you did on this program I know the edits were coming in from a lot of places and you handled it with a client centric attitude and I appreciate that.  It’s a pleasure being onsite with you and BOY am I happy we had your computers onsite.   I look forward to the opportunity to working with you again.

Tonya Conn | Planning, Analytics, & Insights | Digital & Voice Channels | IHG

I really appreciate all the effort that you all gave that played a HUGE role in the success of our meeting! The technical portion of the show, including the presentation and videos, was just about flawless. Thanks, Tonya

Trina Samuels ~ Marketing Specialist, National MS Society, GA Chapter

Awesome!!!  Thank you Robert. I tell Roy all the time how amazingly gracious you are to us. I wish there was something I could do to repay you. Thank you SOOOOOO much!

Roy Rangle ~ President, National MS Society, GA Chapter

First, Thank you for all your help on the MS Wine invite. I wish there was a way to honor you for all for all of your generous work you do for the MS Society. You are truly a kind man!

JB Bernstein ~ Founding Partner / Managing Director — (Million Dollar Arm) Access Group of Miami

You are a great designer, and a better person. I really love what you did for me. – I can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful to you. Just know that each time I tell this story, for the rest of my life, you will be part of that!

Jason Bowden ~ Chief Warrior, Digital-Warriors Internet Marketing

Robert is a very creative and highly productive design resource. He hits all my requests out of the park on the first revision!!! www.digtial-warriors.com

Morgan Hulsey, Account Executive — Ready Trucking

Holy Molly!!!  Where did these come from?!  This looks so freaking cool!!!!  You keep knocking my socks off with this stuff!  Thanks, Robert!  This is awesome!

Beth Putnam | Vice President, Commercial Innovation — Given Imaging, Inc.

The video was a hit!  Thanks for the creativity and quick turn-around.  I am sure we will continue to do business together!

JP Porter ★ Executive Producer ★ Shoot the Moon Productions

Thank you again for everything!!  I couldn’t have survived this without you.  I knew I needed a strong graphics person knowing everyone else was In- House … so thanks for being a rock.  We appreciate you working with us on your invoice 🙂

Linn Laak, Vice President Clinical Affairs — Tryton Medical, Inc.

It was truly a pleasure working with you. Your calm and pleasant/patience made the madness tolerable through this whole process! I am sure our paths will cross again in the future!

I will think of you at 10:20am Wednesday am knowing we could never have done it without you! Good luck this week! All the best to you and yours! Linn

Kathi Jolley, Creative Director — seize creative

YOU ARE AMAZING. Everything looks great – you rocked the picture selections for all those bulleted pages.

Wendy P. Vink, Sr. Convention Planner — Covidien

I simply love you, you are AMAZING!

Shawn McCarthy, President & CEO — Tryton Medical, Inc.

Thanks again for surviving through the wild adventure, and providing us with great work. Take Care, Shawn

Mark Maloney, Producer — mjm productions

You are rock solid and one of the best operators, if not the best I have had the pleasure to work with. I always have confidence when you are on set, plus you are a good guy. So I definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

Jamey Erickson, Owner and Producer — Wits’ End Productions

What a Winning Team! — What can I say?

Thank you….you added your personality….your individual skills…..your passion…..your gracious attitude……your appreciated opinions……your total dedication… you guys are the best….everyone worked so hard…and as quoted by Richard Solomons….

“Not only do you make us all look good, you do it while smiling and with
good humor – which makes everyone else feel confident and comfortable and
helps us all have fun in what is after all a stressful situation”.

Thank you all as well as you husbands, wives, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends and beloved pets!

WOW!, Jamey

Gilbert E. Parrish, Founder and CEO — Parrish, Brumfield A Associates

Robert, Thanks SO much for your usual superior efforts and support to produce the PAGE Summer Conference! The client is EXTREMELY pleased! It’s great to have the “team” back together. I appreciate you and Glenn so much. I never take either of your considerable talents for granted.

Peter Metz, Owner/Producer — ZOOM.7 Inc

I wanted to drop a quick note to all those involved in making the Epsilon meeting a success. We have all talked about what a great team of professionals came together in Naples. Thank you for everything you contributed to the outcome. From all reports the client was happy and that is really the bottom line. That being said, for those of us in the trenches the process is as important as the end result and the talents and attitude of everyone involved made the process a pleasure. It was a privilege to work with you on this gig and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Thank you again. Travel safe and be successful.

Mark Maloney, Owner/Producer — MJM Film and Video, Inc.

Thanks you for your stellar service. You never miss a beat. I love the confidence I have knowing that I do not have to worry about graphics. Also thanks for your dedication in coming in early to get happy snaps done and not charging me OT for it. That and everything else you provide is much appreciated!

Liz Warwick, Owner — StrategyPlus

LOVE IT!!! I wish I had found you years ago.

Nicole Rechter, Owner/Producer — Integra Productions

Thanks to the best team! Please Read below…..

Nicole, please share with your team our appreciation for the extraordinary role you all played in our National Sales Meeting.

It was a pleasure working with Chad, Martin and Robert, Melanie and Penny and of course Debbie and Lori. Every one of you were extraordinary at your roles, succeeded in making our meeting a true benefit to the attendees and most importantly were a pleasure to work with.

Please make sure everyone knows how much we enjoyed working with them and look forward to seeing this same team together again next year.

Many thanks for a job very well done!!

Janice A. Maguire, MBA
Director, Sales Training and Education

Karen Wells, Owner/Director — Karen Wells Fitness, The First Step and The Next Step

Robert – Your work is AMAZING… Your time and talent are so very appreciated. Everyone “LOVES” the new ad and business cards. You really understand the essence of what I need so well. It is always scary for me to try something new. I don’t like to take risks. But, with your magic imagination, you bring ideas to life and I feel very confident. Thank you a million times over.

Lillie Chen, Director, Project Management — MedCases

Hi Robert, Thank you for all your help in making MedCases ACC program a success. I really appreciate your understanding and flexibility in all the last minute changes. Your professionalism and assistance really helped make a difference in a good program to a great program.

Ted Clow, Director of Production — Harith Productions

Great job last week in Atlanta. We are getting very positive feedback from all concerned at GSK.
Thanks again for a great job and I look forward to February.

Lorraine Maurice, Sr. Marketing Manager, Channel Communications Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions; IBM Group

The presentation went great and looks great! Thanks – I wish I had your talent 🙂

Jared Wooster Miley, Development Manager National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Georgia Chapter

I cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of the work you do. You have definitely helped us take our events to another level. Thank you!

Jenny Holton, President — Sassafras Marketing

I think your work is great and you are great to worth with. You are a great partner for Sassafras to have.
Good Luck with your projects this week…

Christine M. John, President and CEO — Lupus Foundation of America

It’s perfect! Thanks so much! Your help always makes a tight deadline actually attainable. And your clean & crisp designs always help give off the exact message we want!

Brad Lawley — firefly

You saved my bacon — I was at my wits end and sick as a dog. So I am definitely looking forward to working with you in the future. I passed your name along to my team and told them what a great job you did. I’ve added your name to my contacts and rolodex. During our busy spells I’m sure we could use your help.

Amy O’Dell, Founder & Executive Director — Jacob’s Ladder

Thank you so much for the very kind and generous donation of your time and talent. We were so thrilled with the results of your labor. We were proud to stand beside our display at the Walk for Autism. Your donation and your commitment to support the work that we do is most appreciated.

Alfonza Goggins, Owner — Audio Visual CO-Operative, LLC.

I started this entry off a little differently, but I wanted to introduce the new masthead logo for this blog and the new Face Down The Beast website. The artwork and tag line are the creative concepts of Robert Kaplan of Kaplan Graphics Inc. Robert came to my attention last week just when I was lamenting the need for professional graphics help and not having it readily available.

He contacted me via LinkedIn, a business/social network, we traded emails, had a phone conversation and within hours he had conceptualized what you see above. He was committed, professional, and perhaps motivated by the knowledge that his mother has twice survived cancer. Our thanks and gratitude to Robert for capturing our vision for this website and blog……

Mark Maloney, Owner — MJM Film and Video, Inc.

Thanks again for providing your talents, can do attitude, and friendly spirit to our show. Thanks for providing  the extra computer, and all your goodies. Also appreciate you keeping your expenses down!
I consider you a great asset to any production.

Edward L. Rosen, Global Marketing Leader — Therakos, Inc.

Just to let you know the quality of your work is being very well received.
Thanks for everything. You’ve just secured a new ongoing client.

Timothy Schneider, Publisher — SportsTravel Magazine Organizers of the TEAMS Conference & Expo

Having you on site at our annual conference for the sports-event industry reduced our stress levels dramatically and made all of our educational sessions run more smoothly. I highly recommend you to everyone for their next meeting or convention. Mark your calendar for our event next year!!!

Terrence Wiggins, Marketing Communications Specialist — Small Bone Innovations

On behalf of the marketing team at SBi – I really want to extend a HUGE thanks for all of your efforts.
The ASSH workshops went over very well and logistically things went off without a hitch. We look forward
to working with you in the future as we prepare more SBi workshops. You were a life saver and I know
at times things got hectic but you handled it like a pro. Thanks again!

Ailena Gibby Parramore, Development Manager — National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Wow – that was quick! I’m not sure why I’m always surprised by how quick you are!

Michael Levison, CEO — ReMark Americas

Thanks Robert. As always….great service.

Christine M. John, President and CEO — Lupus Foundation of America, Piedmont Chapter, Inc.

Your generosity, professionalism, talent, and timeliness never cease to amaze me. Thank you so much! Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is any thing I can do in return.

Julie Crow, Principal — Interplay Consulting, LLC

Really appreciate it. And the weekend time…you’re a great guy. And we’ve never even met in person!!

Barbara N. Nies, Director, Words & Ideas — rand, Inc.

I have to tell you, everyone loves it. I spent all day yesterday meeting with the group sales directors, and they are really excited about this! The presentation looked great too. Thank you!

Eric Mowris — Selling Solutions

Thank you so much for all you do, both professionally and as added service. You are amazing.

Glenn Paist, Executive Producer / Director — Glenn Paist & Associates, Inc.

I think Robert would be a valuable member to the TEAMS conference. He has a great can do attitude and is very accommodating with everyone and every request. Robert’s day rate is worth it because of his knowledge, creativity and ability to work at a high speed with great diligence. His computers are kept up-to-date and loaded with all of the current software. Last year we acquired computers from the AV Company for about the same amount.

Mignon S. Goode-Bigelow, VP Creative Marketing — EasyCare / APCO

Our Best Awards Evenings Ever. Thank you! Sorry I missed you. I wanted to give you a high five.
You are awesome! You are always a pleasure to work with and incredibly creative.
Looking forward to next year. Take care.

Eddie Donald — Motivational Speaker / Performance Consultant

You can’t possibly imagine how much I appreciate your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re a GOOD MAN and a better friend!

J. Luke Allison, Director of System Design & Development — WhatAbout LLC.

I just wanted to thank you again for your help, the system is looking amazing.
I really appreciate it and hope we get to work together again.

Tricia Todd, Senior Director, Global Marketing — Vascular Business Group Edwards Lifesciences

THANK YOU for following-up! TCT went …. amazingly. We received compliments on the presentation from some of the most important physicians in the interventional community. THANK YOU so much for your support. As an FYI, last week I passed your contact information on to the heads of the marketing departments of all of the divisions of Edwards, and on to Corporate Communications as a recommended resource. Thank you, again.

Paul J. Ferrigno, Marketing Manager — Small Bone Innovations, Inc.

Thank you for the outstanding effort with ASSH this year. Your knowledge and skill makes a significant difference for SBi. Every Product Demonstration Workshop presentation looked professional and ran smoothly.

After you left, I was easily able to drop in slides and continue without a glitch or misstep. Thanks again. Paul

Scott Simcik, President — Inches-A-Weigh, North America, Inc.

Brother you just keep going over the top! Thank you so much for all you have done WOWOWOWOWOWOW

Susan Vlass, Owner — Dragonflies

I just love you! You are awesome!

Allen McMillon, President — Insight Research

Robert, I just wanted to say thank you. Your PowerPoint presentation looks great, gives me confidence and makes me look more professional. It continually evolves as I give it. Thank You, Friend

Roy A. Rangel, Chapter President — National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Robert, First, please know how very grateful I am to you for all the work you’ve done in support of the National MS Society. Christine and Ailena speak highly of you and I hope one day we can take you to lunch or dinner to repay you in a very small way for the enormous work you’ve done for us. Thank you!

APEX Communications Team

Robert, Thank you so much for all of your very late hours spent helping the APEX team. Your sacrifice of sleep was incremental in making the meeting in France work and succeed! We could not have done it without you!

Ailena Gibby, Development Manager — National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Hey Robert – I have to say that this invitation is probably my favorite piece out of anything I’ve done!
Thanks so much for all of your help and support!

Dianne McPherson, CMP — 3 Under Par

You are the best. We could not have done the PIAG event without you. Thanks!

Christy Holton — Sassafras Marketing

You are FANTASTIC. Thank you SOOOOO much for your help with the Sassafras deck – it looks AWESOME. The meeting went great and we are already discussing RFP’s. I just want to say how much I appreciate you – you are so great to work with and have been a life saver on so many levels, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. Thank you so very much and may you have safe travels this weekend!!!

Ailena Gibby — Development Manager, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Looks great! Sorry for the hassle!

I’m not sure if we thank you enough for all of the work you do for us! So, please know that we really truly appreciate your generosity! I realize we tend to do things last minute around here – which is why I’m trying to start doing things extra early. I’m sorry about that and I’m pushing us to do better. Thanks again!

Christopher J. Frederick — Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Awesome first Worldwide Sales Meeting, you made it special. I’m glad we had the opportunity to work together again in a meeting like this. All were impressed with your capabilities and willingness to work, Promise Delivered!

Christopher DeNicola — Senior VP of Sales, Small Bone Innovations

Again my compliments to you on the outstanding job you and your team did at our Worldwide Sales Meeting last weekend. Truly a professional job. Sorry that we made your job more difficult by having the “last minute” gang hit you with the power points so late. I think next time we better have a much earlier cutoff.

Tammy Leitsinger — Director of Medical Education, Medical Affairs Cordis Endovascular, a Johnson & Johnson Company

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! As always, you are awesome!

Christine John — Director of Special Events, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

You are my hero of the month, it’s too early to determine for the whole year, but you’ll be hard to beat!
Have a wonderful trip!

Bruce W. Morrow — President & Chief Creative Officer — ACCESS

Good morning, gentlemen. It is my pleasure to approve version 9 as the final version for LR2. It is an excellent piece of work, and I appreciate your concentrated (and creative!) efforts in completing it. Thanks, guys!

Therese Thilgen — President / Chief Content Officer — Franchise Update

You are so fantastic. You make the whole tech and visual part of the General Session work and we have total confidence in you. You do more than just PowerPoint graphics. I think you need to reflect that in your ads. I will also connect you with a few advertising agencies and marketing companies in franchising that might have a need for your services. You always come through in a spectacular way. Thank you again…we look forward to working with you on all of our conferences.

Kimberlie Joyner — Marketing Director — Franchise Update

Hi Robert: Thanks so much for your work at our conference last week. I don’t know how we would do it without you. Again, we just think you are amazing. If you ever need a reference, please consider us.

Sue Logan — Vice-President, Operations — Franchise Update

Was GREAT to have you there as always. You make things WORK so well! Can’t imagine doing it without you.

Eric Mowris — Selling Solutions

Thanks to everyone who contributed to LINBECK’s successful bid effort.
Fast, Focused and Flexible…we make a great team!

L. Nick Felder — Group Director, Film and Music Production The Coca-Cola Company

Just want to say thank you all very much for all your help last week helping us get our presentations together. Both were very successful. I’m still at the conference in SF. You guys pulled some crazy hours on the last couple of days. And you did a lot of stuff behind the scenes to make sure the technology worked, and worked well. It wasn’t lost on either of us. Michael Donnelly and I appreciate all your efforts very much. Thanks again.

Michael Donnelly — Global Interactive Marketing The Coca-Cola Company

I too just wanted to add my Thanks for all your time, commitment and energy invested a couple of weeks ago. The presentations went well and all were pleased. Thanks Again! Michael

Nicole Rechter — Integra Productions, FLA

I can’t thank you enough for all you do! You are the true meaning of “a partner”. We would not have as amazingly successful shows without you! As you know, we don’t have 1 client that walks through the door without asking for you! I thank you for your hard work, never ending patience and the always smile you have on your face! You are the best and truly one of a kind!

Karlenne Trimble — Manning Selvage & Lee

Robert I want to thank you very much for your help. Everything you did was just great.
It’s always a pleasure working with you.

Larry Hutcheson — A+ Supply Co

OMG!!! Robert, After you created our Logo for our web site all hell broke loose. Over the weekend we had the Greatest response from people purchasing on-line. I couldn’t imagine that looks were that important. We have great content on our web site but…. It needed to be presented in a more professional manor. The logo your created gave us an edge over all our competitors. You took what we started and Gave it Punch and Clarity. Thank You for the Super Fast Service. Tremendous value and I Highly recommend to all. Thanks again.

Larry Ruth — M2Creative, ATL

Man, I love working with people like you–creative, even, on top of things, pleasant, and efficient. You are great.

Tom Crawford — HiTech, ATL

Robert: Many thanks to you for your excellent work! I look forward to next year and beyond.

Burt Holland — Managing Partner, Encyclomedia

Thanks so much. Your attitude made this project much easier to deal with. We’ll be in touch I’m sure.

Susan Paullin — Selling Solutions, ATL

Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work! We all appreciate what you do more than you know!

Denise Holland — Print Industry of GA

Robert, it’s been a joy to work with you. I’ve come to count on your professionalism, your calmness, and your eagerness to help improve everything we do. Thanks so much for all the talent you bring to the table for this event.

Judith Webb — Trone Advertising, ATL

It’s been a real pleasure, and Rick and I are always delighted when we make new contacts who jump right in to our crazy worlds and help us meet our crazy clients’ needs which such a great “no problem” attitude. Just keep doing what you are doing. We’ll take care of our end. Thanks so much.

Marc Fagen — Urban Pixel, ATL

Robert, All the Coke folks were pleased with the outcome of the meeting, they considered it a success. Thanks for your flexibility in re-arranging meetings and all your hard work.

Carl Peede — VP of Marketing, ATL

VERY impressive!! I have been VP of Marketing for a number of high-tech companies — both here and on the West Coast, and have used a number of individuals and companies to assist with multimedia presentations.
(Hence, I know about which I speak..:-)…) Your work looks great!

Ted Brown — Shell Lubricants

I would like to personally thank everyone on the Selling Solutions / Shell National Sales Meeting team. I sincerely believe that the great results that we experienced at the sales meeting would not have been possible without the focus and professionalism that your group provided. We have set the standard for future meetings, and the expectations are high. A heartfelt thank you from all of us at Shell Lubricants!

Jamey Erickson — Wits End Productions

Robert, Thanks for all you attention to detail. We appreciate it.

Frank J. Criado, MD — Director, Center for Vascular Intervention Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery — Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar Health

Once again, you’ve outdone yourself! Thanks a lot! Good night.

William Paullin — Selling Solutions, ATL

Thanks for the help…you made a tremendous contribution to the Buffets assignment.

Susan Paullin — Selling Solutions, ATL

You were most exceptional in your efforts and stamina-thanks for tolerating one last look before sending the final –
I felt much better having done that! Hope you get some rest and know that all of us appreciate your talents!! Thanks.

Lewis Hershey — GOTCHA Handcuffs, NC

Thanks for tracking this for us. I’m lucky to have your eyes and ears on this — let alone your creative. You’re the best.

Stefanie Long — Vice President — Manning, Selvage & Lee

Robert, You are fabulous! This looks really good for a first cut for Monday. I like some of the photo treatments at the end too – once I get feedback on Monday, we’ll proceed with animation and incorporating some of these. Again, I really appreciate your taking time out of your weekend and doing such a great job so quickly. I feel totally comfortable walking in the door Monday morning with this presentation. I’ll be in touch Monday and we’ll wrap this up! THANKS AGAIN. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Beth Ann Rosenburg — AMIT, ATL

Robert, As always, your work is spectacular! AMIT is so fortunate to have you offer your skills to help with the event.  Just wanted to say thanks!

David Wilson — Cordis Endovascular, FLA

This is perfect. Thanks for the continued excellent support.

Jeannie Ceaton — Franchise Update, CA

Hi Robert, It was great having you at the conference. It is really nice to have your expertise and professionalism on the team. Like I said in the session, if I have witnessed you in panic mode, even just for a moment, I want you around when a fire breaks out!

Susan DeVito — AVSG, ATL

Thanks again for your work and more importantly your patience with us over the final days. You did a great job for us and I would be happy to be a future reference upon request.

Brenda Neely — BellSouth Telecommunications Video, GA

Your clients express exactly how I feel about you. The only other thing I would add is that your work is always beautiful and extremely creative. I’m so glad to have you on our team too. When the presenters compared your graphics to their busy diagrams, they became apologetic and said they would try to do better. Thanks for the file-saving tip.

Brenda Neely — BellSouth Telecommunications Video, GA

One thing I forgot to mention – this morning the client said she always gets MUCH MORE and MUCH BETTER
than expected the first time she looks at our work – unlike her experience with other departments. Thanks for your contributions.

Karen DeTemple — Ideas with Impact, CA

Hello! Thanks for a great show. You were right…all I have to do is get you on site for one show and now I won’t
be able to live without you! With any luck, I’ll book some more business and we’ll be seeing each other again

Ted White — Novartis, PA

Now that the craziness has been to a minimum, I wanted to say “thank you” once again for
coming to the rescue with my presentation. You exceeded my expectations by your strong customer
focus.   In addition, I realize that this was well “above and beyond” by you taking the time over the weekend
to fix my problem. This is truly appreciated and builds my loyalty to you. Again, many thanks!

Dr. Michael R Jaff — Heart and Vascular Institute, NJ

Thank you, Robert. You are phenomenal. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Kevin Wyatt — The Delor Group, KY

Gentlemen: Thanks for another great show….Doug called Ken and told him that even one of the more
skeptical guys was moved to tears by the presentation! Y’all make us look good, so thanks to all of
the crew for doing some last minute hoop jumping. Thanks again.

Lori Weprin — IntegraProductions, FLA

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was thrilled, no changes and loved how quick we work…..

Gil Parish — GA School Boards Association, GA

It’s a big relief to have you working on the project. Thanks!

Martin Dempsey — Event Stage Productions, AZ


Please allow me to add to Elizabeth’s (Verizon) high marks below my sincere appreciation for an exceptional job
done by all. The team assembled in Orlando was truly second to none in show design and execution.
Thank you!

Elaine Keller — CrossMedia, GA

Thanks to everyone who helped make the first of eight Verizon events a great success. In particular, the technical crew set the entire room midnight to 8am, then rehearsed and performed flawlessly from 12noon until 9pm.
The client was very happy with our performance.

Teresa Fish — Aspen Productions

Robert, Thank you so much for your work, your patience and your creativity. We enjoyed working with you as well. Have a wonderful holiday. We will pass along your name within Aspen.