Franchise Update Media

Best event if your need to keep up the Franchise Industry at Caesars Palace. I do 3 events for FUM every year, 2 in ATL, 1 in Vegas. This is FUM's largest event. I have always enjoyed working with them on their projects. I met JB Bernstein on the event. I have seen him 5 or 6 time on FUM and other events too. I also got totalk withFrank Abagnale for about 20 minutes before his presentation. This is the 2nd time meeting Mr. Abagnale. The tradeshow floor is always… Read More

BARD Davol in Vegas with Glenn Paist Associates

Back in Vegas for my 8th event for BARD Davol with my partner Glenn Paist (Executive Producer), who I have worked with for over 20 years. I alsoenjoyed working with my friends, Sam Renkin (Creative Director) and Bill Collins(Sound Engineer) again. Not only was the atmosphere awesome, but our crew ran a flawless event. The Awards Evening was a huge hit. All feedbackindicated this was the attendees favorite Awards Ceremony. They said they enjoyed their Rock'in night and felt like stars. We also took care of the closing for the… Read More

Simmons Event in AZ with Integra Productions

Integra was awarded the Simmonsaccount because our hard work, create ideas and flawless executionon the Serta events. This would be a very interesting event for me. This event was to be created in Keynote, which I have not seen on 20 years. I ordered my new MacBook Pro on Wednesday ... It showed up on Friday. In just 4 hours I found everything I needed in the software and was ready to Create. The set for this event was composed of 3, 16x9 screens set up next to each other.… Read More

NovaDaq for BJM Events: What can PowerPoint do?

NovaDaq's event was heldin North Carolina last November. This was a small event with about 15 presenters. This was a crazy experience. The presentation, a 350 meg had 325 slides containing 84 Videos. The combined file size for the videos was over 29 Gigs. I had never, in my 30+ years working with PowerPoint,attempted playing a file of this size and was a bit nervous about it. The event went off without a flaw ... Total perfection. Although 2013 PowerPoint handles video very well, there are some bugs I reported… Read More

Serta in Arizona with Integra Productions

I havePartnered with Integra Productions for over 18 years. In November we produced Serta Mattress's NSM and new product launch.Their set had 3 vertical screens and 2, 16x9 screens for presentation and video playback. The 3 vertical screens were used for eye candy, as well as their Special, Super Secret job in the product reveal. Each screen had1 of 3 new products being released at this event. This year the showroom was FOH (front of house). FOH is in the back of the room. The new Serta mascot, lights and… Read More

TEAMs in Vegas with GPA

This event was held in Las Vegas. My friend and Teams producer Glenn Paist, brought me in tohelp on the event 10 years ago. TEAMs brings together sporting events and Hosts for events from all over the world. We had three 16x9 screens, two electronic lecterns, two eye candy LCD screens, a ribbon board. The ribbon board scrolled important messages for the day. TEAMs is one of my favorite events because I get to brand everything from this set to stadiums. Always a new challenge on this event. Behind the… Read More

FUM, Leadership & Development Conference in Atlanta

I have work with Franchise Update Mediato produce their 3 events for the past 13 years.Glenn Paist has come on board to help produce the event. Rodney at PRG helped me get this client andhas done a wonderful job providing great crews, staging and equipment. Ihad the pleasure of seeing my friendJB Bernstein (A Million Dollar Arm) for the 3rd time last year. I really enjoyed his presentation. I hope I can make a huge difference in the world one day.I used four quad4 i7 laptops to run the show.… Read More

The Graphics Guy and His Canvas(es)

The place and client will remain a mystery... Ourset is made up of 5, 16x9 screens. We used the setup to mix PowerPoint, I-mag, Videos and special effects across the stage area. I also was able to create 9600 x 1080 images and animations that played across all the screens. The animations werefor walk in and walk out, as well as a special awards look. I also enjoyed working with a team of strong professional, many I have not seen in a long while. We also took advantage of the… Read More

Franchise Update Media Event in Atlanta

This event was held June 23-25th at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. I have worked with FUM for over 10 years. My friend and Colleague Glenn Paist and I produced the event. We are now producing 3 events a year for them and they may be starting a fourth. PRG provided the equipment and crew. The event was bittersweet this year. Although it went extremely well, the founders, Therese Thilgen and Gary Gardner did not attend because of the death of their 25 year old son Tim. I met Tim… Read More

Biomet STIM & Spine events w Integra Productions

These events were held at the Keystone Conference Center, June 19th - 22nd. Biomet STIM/ Biomet Bone Healing offers a variety of Non-invasive and Implantable Stimulation, Osteobiologics and Bracing products. Biomet Spine products include, Game Changing Translation™ Screw, Polaris™ Deformity System, SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulators to name a few. We started working on Biomet events in 2010. Integra's #1 team worked very long hours Running one event and rehearsing the other groupin-between sessions. Also each group had an award ceremony which added to the already long days. This is… Read More