Biomet STIM & Spine events w Integra Productions

Biomet STIM & Spine events w Integra Productions

These events were held at the Keystone Conference Center, June 19th – 22nd.  Biomet STIM / Biomet Bone Healing offers a variety of Non-invasive and Implantable Stimulation, Osteobiologics and Bracing products.  Biomet Spine products include, Game Changing Translation™ Screw, Polaris™ Deformity System, SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulators to name a few.  We started working on Biomet events in 2010. 

Integra’s #1  team worked very long hours Running one event  and rehearsing the other group in-between sessions. Also each group had an award ceremony which added to the already long days.  This is one of the best crews I work with.

Again, FOH provided another new set and some awesome new Barco 12K projectors they double stacked which made to 20 foot, 16×9 screens intense with beautiful rich color.  Mater of fact, the Spine group created their template internally.  If the projectors had not been so bright, their gray text would not have popped of the light gray background.  I was impressed with the Barco’s. I have worked with Integra productions for 17 years.  At the time the client was CEM and Feld Entertainment was my first project.

Biome STIM - 02 Biome STIM - 01
Biome STIM - 03 Biome Spine - 02
Biome Spine - 01 Biome Spine - 03

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