The Event Process.

The Event Process.

Most of you don’t know what goes into creating an event from nothing. I always show my “office for the week”.   I assumed anyone looking at my work would just understand just what it takes to put on an event and what my Partners and I go through to prepare for it.   I am going to give you the short version if you have an interest…

We do a proposal. We win the business. We, assess your needs and choose the perfect team to exceed your goals. This includes The Team, budgets, sets, video, screen size, equipment, agendas, as well as hotel and travel details. Whatever you need. Our goal is for you and your attendees to have a rewarding, motivating, great time. We want everything to be stress free for our clients.

Our teams will collaborate on a theme for your meeting or event. We brainstorm back and forth and come up with a reward and motivate theme that is based on the results you want to accomplish at your meeting. If your company is doing great, the theme might be, Living the Dream — Writing History — Born to Perform —  Momentum. If you need to motivate, the theme might be, Expanding Our Vision – or — Chart the Course.  Some clients prefer no theme and just be branded. There is an approval process every step of the way. No wasted time.

Once we have a theme approved, we start creating templates and print materials based on your input. We might create an e-mail teaser, posters and/or brochures. You may want an event app. All will be branded to create the perfect experience for you.

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Once the templates are approved, there are several ways to put together the presentations. Presenters can provide their scripts and we will create a visual experience that helps communicate the key message. Or, we can distribute the template to presenters. The presenters create their own presentation. They are retuned to us and enhanced with exceptional graphics and cleaned up. Either way, we go back and forth until we have a visually rich presentation that the presenter looks forward to presenting.

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So we have picked a theme, created support materials and decided on the perfect set and screen sizes. It is time to go on-site. Our crew arrives a day or two early and builds out the General Session room and Breakout rooms if needed. We test and run through what we will rehearse with you and your presenters. Each presenter will have time with The Graphics Guy or gal. Then they will be get a chance to practice their presentation. We ask if they have a favorite song for their play-on. We also get titles and create Voice of God introductions for everyone. Also during rehearsals the lighting technicians will create special lighting looks for each presenter or each session.

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My events can have as few as 2 computers to run the event or I have used as many as 16 to run all the sources, screens, eye-candy, videos, etc. We have branded stadiums including every screen, scoreboard and banner with your theme branding or animations. We have had all kinds of theater to reveal CEOs. We have had 30” widescreens slide out of the way to reveal the tradeshow floor or closing party. We can do anything that can be imagined as long as the budget supports it.

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My site has a section dedicated to events. I tell a little about each event and show several pictures. My photos are mostly in-between sessions because I run the shows and I am usually positioned backstage with the video village.

If you ever have questions or would like me to consult on a graphics project or event, please give me a call, 678.361.7671. We are a full service graphics company with Experience, Knowledge and Focus. I LOVE my job and I have over 32 years’ experience.


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