The Graphics Guy and His Canvas(es)

The Graphics Guy and His Canvas(es)

The place and client will remain a mystery… Our set is made up of 5, 16×9 screens. We used the setup to mix PowerPoint, I-mag, Videos and special effects across the stage area. I also was able to create 9600 x 1080 images and animations that played across all the screens. The animations were for walk in and walk out, as well as a special awards look.  I also enjoyed working with a team of strong professional, many I have not seen in a long while.

canvas 02 canvas 03

We also took advantage of the Spider switcher and many screens to create a multimedia and video backdrop for the “Stomp” entertainment. This was one of the better Stomp groups I worked with this year. This type of entertainment is popular now.

canvas 04 canvas 04a

Below is the backstage Video Village I called home for this event.  I had 6 graphics computers and 2 Playback Pros to run the event. We also had 2 cameras for I-mag.

canvas 05

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