Biomet STIM & Spine events w Integra Productions

These events were held at the Keystone Conference Center, June 19th - 22nd.  Biomet STIM / Biomet Bone Healing offers a variety of Non-invasive and Implantable Stimulation, Osteobiologics and Bracing products.  Biomet Spine products include, Game Changing Translation™ Screw, Polaris™ Deformity System, SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulators to name a few. … Read More

Angiodynamics event in San Diego with Integra Productions

This event was held at the Loews, Coronado, June 15-19th.  Angio Dynamics makes catheters, vacs and other medical devices.  We started doing Angios' events in 2010.  FOH provided a new set and some awesome new Barco 12K projectors they double stacked which made to 20 foot, 16x9 screens intense with beautiful… Read More

Featured Theme

This was the theme for the 2014 Franchise Update Media event in Atlanta last week.  Animated theme are one of my specialties. The animation was added to a still image my client provided from their in-house art department.  It amazes me what can be done with today's software. My design… Read More

Step-by-Step to Great Meetings

Most people don’t realize the extent of planning and preparation that goes into creating an event from nothing. In showing my “office for the week” presentation, I’ve always assumed anyone looking at my work would understand just what it takes to put on an event and what my Partners and… Read More

eBook Cover

This is my 2nd eBook Cover. My clients are finding a strong cover design is more important than they every thought. There are plenty of eBooks, but first impressions help accomplish their goals of sales and downloads. Read More

The Event Process.

Most of you don’t know what goes into creating an event from nothing. I always show my “office for the week”.   I assumed anyone looking at my work would just understand just what it takes to put on an event and what my Partners and I go through to prepare… Read More

45×15 Widescreen Graphics

I work with presenters to create visual presentations. There are 8 words in the 35 screens. The presenter tells his story and the visuals support what he is talking about. This video is an export of a 45x15 widescreen graphic presentation.  This presentation is about businesses going digital, exponential growth and… Read More

ACORD|LOMA 2014 in Orlando

This is my 5th year working with ACORD|LOMA. The GS has 2, 16x9 outboard screens for Sponsor Loops and I-mag. My partner Rodney from PRG Atlanta provides the crew and equipment. The 45'x15' is a backdrop for all speakers except Greg Maciag, President and CEO of ACORD. Mr. Maciag's presentation has about 40… Read More

When the Data Speaks!

This eBook cover Design is created for my friend and Chief Warrior Jason Bowden, of Digital-Warriors. Read More

Chase Your Dreams!

JB Bernstein sent this to me after I created his new presentation:   "Robert, Kaplan Graphics does $1.0MM work all day long. Chase your Dreams!" JB Read More